With support and assistance from CentreCare at Yeronga, our new eWaste Connection facility at Yeronga is now operating four days a week and continuing to grow. CentreCare have been providing personalised services to people with a disability for over 30 years. Along with their support workers and volunteers, they are helping some of their customers to find meaningful ‘work’ at eWaste, located just next door to their centre at Yeronga!

Ben, our site manager at Yeronga eWaste has the team working diligently to recycle many items large and small. This is a perfect site for eWaste Connection as we are located within the facilities run by Reverse Waste, a business that processes the broken-down components of waste and has state-of-the-art machinery for shredding different kinds of plastic and other end materials. We are accepting donations of e-waste at Yeronga at any time – day and night!