builds purpose, helps the environment & creates friendships

We are a social enterprise for the community, providing opportunities to recycle, volunteer, train, and empower people of all abilities in an inclusive environment. You can attend or volunteer in workshops, donate electrical items, purchase our recycled working items or donate funds or equipment.


eWaste Connection workshops will be closed for the second week of school holidays from 27th September – 2 October 2021. 

We request that everyone comes prepared to wear their masks (if possible) and to “check in” using the Check in Qld app.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the workshops!

About Our Workshops

Our workshops include Participants, Volunteers, and a Supervisor. Some of our community bring a support person with them and others explain the assistance they need when booking and we create a plan to suit individual needs.

During our workshops, we are diligent with safety and the wearing of suitable safety items such as eye goggles/glasses, gloves & aprons. We safely and correctly recycle or dispose of all ewaste that isn't able to be refurbished.

Our workshops are a place to enjoy trying new things, using our bodies and minds, while socialising with people from all walks of life.

Individual needs are carefully planned for and adapted if required, so that everyone can enjoy and contribute in the workspace.

NDIS approved Workshops

Our workshops are supported by the NDIS and you can use your NDIS Capacity Building funds to participate.

Call 0404 834 070, email monique@ewasteconnection.com or complete our form here to join our weekly workshop sessions  and we will get in touch with you.


Participants love coming and taking part at eWaste Connection! Support persons are very welcome too. We can also provide support if you come and require additional assistance during your time with us.

Please call and discuss your needs with us so we can ensure your first time with us is enjoyable and successful.


Happiness comes first from helping others. Join eWaste Connection as a volunteer and help others who need assistance and enjoy social interaction, to create a cleaner, greener world.

No experience is necessary.  Prepare to enjoy taking things apart!

It's very satisfying on so many levels.


There are multiple ways to help the eWaste Community

  • Donate electrical equipment (anything with a cable or cord)
  • Buy Electrical equipment
  • Join a workshop (Participate or Volunteer)
  • Donate Money or goods for use


It may no longer work or simply be obsolete! Donate your old electrical equipment and do your bit to help the environment at the same time. If you’re unsure about whether an item is acceptable to donate, please call us on 0404 834 070. Essentially, anything with a cord, plug or battery works for us. Your donation of equipment is a valued contribution to the eWaste mission. Items can be dropped at our Kenmore or Yeronga locations 24/7.


We rely on donations as our programs receive little government assistance. Any funding we secure pays for tools, resources and spaces and support us to provide purposeful workshops for more people in our communities in Queensland and significantly reduce e-waste going into landfill.


Happiness comes first from helping others. Join eWaste as a volunteer and help others who need assistance and enjoy social interaction, to create a greener world. No experience is necessary.  Prepare to enjoy taking things apart and help your community to recycle!


Keep an eye on our SHOP and purchase refurbished electrical items. We often have computers, televisions, microwaves, stereos and more. Not only are you helping us, but you are also doing your part to reduce landfill.  

Can your business help with specific items?

Perhaps you have some desks you don't need anymore, or are a tool company who can donate some screwdrivers and tools, please reach out if you think you can assist us. We also have corporate sponsorship opportunities and welcome any general enquiries about ways we can assist you to meet your social business goals. Call us anytime on 0404 834 070

Empowering people to thrive & belong

Whether you are a participant, a volunteer, donating equipment or resources, there is a place for you at eWaste CONNECTION


Enjoy working with tools, learning about electronics. making friends and helping the environment.


A rewarding experience helping others and supporting an inclusive community initiative to reduce waste and support all people.

Donate – Products, Time, Money

You can drop off your preloved electronic equipment, donate your time, purchase our second-hand items or simply donate money. Every little bit helps us to continue our mission.

Sharing our story

We want as many people to know about us as possible so please share our story! You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram and also refer to this website for assistance.

Sponsors, Awards & Collaborators

Creating purpose for all people

We provide opportunities for people with physical disabilities and intellectual impairment to participate in something meaningful. We also provide members of our community the abililty to assist with, and be part of our recycling community too.

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

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